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Weather in Braselton

Current Conditions

What is the Weather like in Braselton?

Temperatures vary because of the differences in elevation, but summer weather usually arrives by late May when the first 90F readings can be expected. From then until early September, afternoon temperatures range from the high 80's to the low 90's with a few readings in the upper 90's, especially in the southern part of the area. Summer nights are quite pleasant. Average minimums range from 63F to 68F, and early morning temperatures in the 50's are not unusual. Most summer rainfall occurs as showers and thundershowers. Amounts show large variations over the area, but one-tenth of an inch or more is likely at any one place on about one day out of five. Slightly less than one-fourth of the annual precipitation generally falls during summer. Thunderstorms occur about one day out of three, and a few are accompanied by hail and strong winds.